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Feeling awkward

So I’ve been modeling for about 4 years. I’ve shot a few genres- Glamour, Fetish, Fine art nude, Nude Erotica, Fashion, Clothing, makeup, etc…

I’ve been around alot of photographers and blah blah blah. In the last few months I have been evaluating what I enjoy shooting the most and finding out where I want to push my portfolio over the coming months.

I recently got a chance to shoot a second set with the amazing Pictor from Calgary Alberta.  (http://www.modelmayhem.com/46945) We shot a bit of everything, but mostly we based the shoot around a more fetish-nature. Mostly because I am a 24/7 lifestyle kink model. I practice a fetish lifestyle on a regular basis so the genre is a little more personal to me.

We shot a bit of latex and a bit of mesh etc. Sitting back and viewing this shoot I find I enjoy modeling more off-beat, kinky, fetishy things more than glamour and fashion.

I feel like I can identify more with myself when I am shooting this. I feel connected and natural. I can be quirky, a little weird or totally crazy and most people just roll with the punches.

I have developed a love for weird poses. I enjoy stretching, lying, standing, all over in the most awkward ways.

I like creating an image that makes you think. I think I will be shooting more of this in the few months coming. Please stay tuned.

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The Penetration

Recent collaboration with an amazing digital artist: Hector Pineda

Exorcism of the heart in three steps:

 1. The penetration (photo 1) >>as seen here<<

2. The suspension

3. The fall

Project with Hector Pineda [Artist]

RJ Hidson [Photog]

Stiix [Rope Rigger]

Danailya [Model]

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Capturing “me”

Have you ever had a shoot where you just really feel like the essence of “you” was captured? I feel like out of all the shoots i’ve ever shot this does it the best for me. These photos were taken by a good friend of mine Rj Hidson.

This particular shoot was funny because this was not our original concept. We had a shoot idea for outdoors and go figure we got major rained out. So we switched to plan b and went into his studio.

We sat and talked for a few hours and ended up snapping maybe 10 photos. But you know the three photos from this shoot are honestly some of my absolute favorites from my entire time modeling.

I hope you enjoy.

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Understanding Quote

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
Kahlil Gibran quotes (Lebanese born American philosophical Essayist, Novelist and Poet. 18831931)

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