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Tongue Split

Recently getting to spend some time observing Russ Foxx in action- doing bodymods/suspensions etc.

This is a photo my  boyfriend took the other day of two different tongue splits. I thought I would share them because I think they look amazing!









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Just a little about scars

So about 3 years ago I had a baby. During the experience of having a baby I acquired quite a few scars on my belly and legs and breasts. Right when she was born I went through a terribly self conscious phase because I thought people would reject the scars and think they were hidous.

Over the last year really I’ve come to an amazing realization. Scars aren’t a sign of weakness they are a sign of trials and making it through some rough shit. They are testament to an event that changed my life.

I do a fair bit of nude modeling and I’ve made the decision to be okay with my scars. Most people who know me know I’ve got a daughter and are fully understanding of the fact that the scars are from having her. I get people who like them, people who hate them and of course people who are indifferent. But what I do now is tell people straight up I don’t mind if they leave them in the photos. I absolutely do not require that people take them out.

I really am becoming proud of my scars. I feel so tired and exhausted being a mother some days but I know I am a strong person whose been through hell and back and have the scars to prove it. I can’t feel shame or embarrassment for them anymore, they are a huge part of what defines who I am.

Since last year I’ve also been adding hook suspension scars to my back and it’s funny because they get asked about a lot more than my tummy scars now. People always seem to need to hear the story about how the freak hangs on hooks. I laugh. I also love these scars. I am super proud of these scars and can’t wait to add more!

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