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Hook Suspension 2

From the last 4 point suicide suspension!

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Hook Suspension

So an activity I enjoy doing is hook suspension.

I decided to write a quick post, because in just over 2 weeks I’ll be swinging around for my 3rd time! ๐Ÿ˜€

I am beyond stoked and giggling with anticipation!

We suspend with Russ Foxx from Vancouver British Columbia ๐Ÿ™‚

So much fun!

Check him out: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Transhumanbodyarts

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Rope Bondage- A love connection

I thought I’d write a few things in a journal entry about rope and how I feel towards rope bondage. It’s just a little word vomit i hope you may take a moment to read, thank you!

Rope Bondage (suspension specifically): I’ve had a few people ask me why I do the things I do- rope wise- and otherwise, but I wanna talk about rope. Over the last year and a half I’ve had the amazing chance to work one on one with Stiix developing both our talents and love of rope. We started our journey out with arm binders, and chest harnesses. These simple things helped develop a want for more complicated things like knee binders, partials and working our way up to full suspensions and invert suspensions. From day one, a part of me knew i was hooked. I fell in love the first time I hit subspace while tied in ropes. I fell in love the first time I realized how vulnerable and helpless ropes make you feel. Of course this is an extremely goo thing ;P. As a submissive I’m drawn to most things that give me a sense of helplessness. It’s an extreme turn on for me. Rope is one of the purest forms of pain and pleasure I’ve ever experienced combined. People ask and of course I reply “Yes, rope hurts like a bloody bitch some days!” – if it didn’t, I wouldn’t do it. In the past few months myself and Stiix have been working to push both our boundaries in the rope world- trying bigger and harder suspensions. As a bunny I’ve blossomed and fallen even deeper in love with the art form and the experience. I’ve been finding I’m more and more intrigued with pushing my body and my mind to see how much I can do. If you aren’t moving forward you are essentially moving backwards if you asked me and I feel like I always need to move forward. I am driven like crazy. I am an extremely motivated to keep learning. Rope to me is one of the most amazing ways for me as a submissive to hit subspace. Some days if I get myself centered it can take minutes of the rigging beginning. I let my mind just wander away and sink into that familiar helpless but calm feeling I love so much. I feel Stiix working the ropes and feel the connection between us seeping into me, calming me even further. As the ropes continue to wrap around me, and the first few waves of pain kick in my whole body gets beyond relaxed. I can be in perfect excruciating physical pain and still feel a calm. I feel so at home in ropes. Pushing normal suspensions to inverts changed my life! I am addicted. My first invert was a basic gun-slinger suspension and it was amazing, the rush was intoxicating. Since then we’ve moved long past there to some intense ties that still never fail to blow my mind…. I look at a photo of a suspension and my own jaw drops just remembering being in it and being floored that my own body takes some of the things it does. I’ve started many ties going “Oh no no no no you cannot do this…” and then just doing it and realizing I can and be amazed. I am extremely lucky having Stiix as my rope top. He’s amazingly in tune with me when we are rigging. he’s extremely health and safety conscious and always makes sure I am never in harms way- outside of the normal you’re going to be in a lot of bloody pain thing- which i love. ;P Describing my love for rope is easy and hard. it’s such a deep love. the whole experience is more addicting than any drug and gives me such an addicting high. Endorphins are so pure, shock is so intense and beautifully natural it moves me in a way i can’t describe in words. I have been extremely blessed and honored to have the experiences I’ve had in the path of rope. I am buzzing with ideas and cannot wait to see them come to live.

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Subspace- my personal journey

I replied to a group post here when asked to describe personal subspace (this is just a short explanation)

“Subspace for me is ultimate peace. it’s a beautiful place where I bask in ultimate submission. I lose all restraints and worries and just fall into complete trust with my top. Subspace is one of the best highs. I vary in how far or how shallow I hit subspace depending on different activities. Hard whipping and flogging sessions- they floor me pretty good, shocking my body and just destroying me. it’s beautiful, usually very deep subspaces. Rope: Suspensions if they are intense will throw me into shock and subspace. Rope when I reach a level of unbearable pain I tend to how I would describe it- crawl inside myself. I invert myself. I take all my emotions and just wrap them around me and drift away. I’ve had a few suspensions where i’ve fallen so far into subspace I’ve lost all feeling of my entire body. I’ve been in full rope suspension and unable to even feel the ropes on me. During the tie this was amazing, it scared me at first because I didn’t expect that but it was also bad when we pulled me out. It was like I had hit a brick wall the intensity of all the emotion of physical sensation coming back. The pain rushed back into my body and I felt destroyed. I hit shock very very badly after that tie. Subspace can be amazing during the moment and sometimes has bad after effects but thats more sub drop than subspace. Subspace is best when you are in a calm state of mind or at least I find. It can be during incredibly pain but it’s still this strange calm. Acceptance if you will. subspace comes frequently for me in ropes mostly I find because I feel so at home in rope. I feel like it’s where I should be. my body recognizes that now and I just key into my own little headspace when rope is being done and I just “click”. It’s amazing. One of the most amazing things is just taking a deep breath and embracing subspace. Embracing that complete trust and vulnerability. I think it’s one of the most intense connections and most amazing gifts a top and a bottom can share.”

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