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Alter Ego

So a couple weeks ago I worked with someone who rapidly becoming a seriously awesome friend! 😀

http://www.facebook.com/pages/SouL/303596563026916 She goes by Sou.L on facebook and I think you need to check her out and love her stuff cuz she’s rad!

Anyhoo, I had just received some wigs in the mail and we got to talking and thought we’d shoot them and see what happened.

I am so pleased with the result I can’t even tell you! 😀 and I wanted to share with you!

Set 1:

Set 2:

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Feeling awkward

So I’ve been modeling for about 4 years. I’ve shot a few genres- Glamour, Fetish, Fine art nude, Nude Erotica, Fashion, Clothing, makeup, etc…

I’ve been around alot of photographers and blah blah blah. In the last few months I have been evaluating what I enjoy shooting the most and finding out where I want to push my portfolio over the coming months.

I recently got a chance to shoot a second set with the amazing Pictor from Calgary Alberta.  (http://www.modelmayhem.com/46945) We shot a bit of everything, but mostly we based the shoot around a more fetish-nature. Mostly because I am a 24/7 lifestyle kink model. I practice a fetish lifestyle on a regular basis so the genre is a little more personal to me.

We shot a bit of latex and a bit of mesh etc. Sitting back and viewing this shoot I find I enjoy modeling more off-beat, kinky, fetishy things more than glamour and fashion.

I feel like I can identify more with myself when I am shooting this. I feel connected and natural. I can be quirky, a little weird or totally crazy and most people just roll with the punches.

I have developed a love for weird poses. I enjoy stretching, lying, standing, all over in the most awkward ways.

I like creating an image that makes you think. I think I will be shooting more of this in the few months coming. Please stay tuned.

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Blue Muse 2012

Blue Muse Fine Art 2012

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