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Nude modeling

So earlier today I wrote a post about being sick of the blah quality of nude work on the internet. I thought it appropriate to kind of show some of the nude modeling I do. I just get frustrated when people don’t put thought and heart into their art. It’s very sad and depressing.I hope I never lose my creativity and my inspiration. If I do that will be one hell of a sad day.I like telling a story through my nude work. I will periodically be posting my work here and I hope you understand some of the stories and emotions behind my work.

Copyright Kevin Canada

copyright Kevin Canada

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Some of the why

I know everyone’s reason for doing things is different. I get asked often why I am into BDSM. I guess the answer is simple. Because it feels right. It feels like I fit where I am supposed to.

For a little over 3 years I have been actively pursuing a kinky lifestyle. I am as close to 24/7 as I can get without blending kink and parenting. Since being a parent takes up a bulk of my time I can’t truly say 24/7 but that’s how I feel.

I recently made the decision to mesh my normal mainstream modeling with my more fetish modeling and my bondage work. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made. I like being upfront about who I am. It felt wrong to try to hide a huge part of who I am.

The other perk is that inEdmonton, there is such a small “alternative” model group that my work sticks out a bit more because it’s a little more edgy and it’s very in your face. I take pride in that. Originality is a huge thing in modeling because there is so much competition.

I really enjoy Bondage as an art form and as a social hobby. I am incredibly in love with the whole experience. Being in bondage is an experience like nothing else. While in bondage I am able to catapult myself into a whole different world. I can let go of stress and worries and just melt away into the most beautiful oblivion that is intense pain and agony. I lust after pain. I crave pain because it makes me feel really alive. Pain is a grounding experience. When I am in bondage and or enduring any sort of pain I feel very connected to myself. It’s not a feeling I get in day to day life. This is something that requires a different kind of concentration and need.

Bondage is a hard art not made for anyone. It hurts like a bitch and most ties especially suspension work is very hard to breath in. The whole art is extremely taxing and is really about pushing limits and boundaries.

Being in a vulnerable restricted state is also something I adore. I never would have thought I’d be into this whole world 5 years ago, but it makes sense. I really found my niche.

There are so many aspects of bondage that really make it a connecting experience.

Having an amazing partner and lover doing the activity with me also makes it more amazing. Stiix is my lover of 2 years. We are partners and lovers. We make art and love. Being able to let him take my worries away in a scene is powerful. It’s moving to feel so connected to someone else. I feel his hands on my body and I melt. It’s just beyond words the kind of connection you can get during a scene. I have reached my deepest subspaces from rigging scenes. He has a wonderful power of just sinking me down into blissful subspace.

I don’t think at this point that I could do without bondage in my life. It’s just this thing I need. It’s so hard to explain. Maybe some of you understand. Maybe some of you never will.

I never ask anyone to understand, but I do ask for respect. This is a very personal intimate thing I want to share with you all.

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Pain Quote

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

This is so freaking true. I don’t know who wrote this quote but it pretty much says it all for my life today.

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Gena Showalter


Gena Showalter- one of my favorite erotica fantasy romance novelists of all times! This woman’s amazing writing leaves me in awe all the time.

She has several series and I own every novel she’s ever released. I wait on bated breath for the next books in several series.

The Lords of the Underworld series is beyond words amazing.

Check out my authors pick for today! 😀

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