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Why don’t I do legs spread nude shots?


Pretty simple answer, whats the fun in giving everything away. I’m not interested in portraying myself that way… EVER! Maybe in the privacy of my bedroom for my boyfriend hey that’s another story but in my professional modeling you will not find a legs spread shot- with the exception of a few positions we’ve roped me into and those I absolutely believe are not at all in the same category.

You see a lot of girls lying on beds legs spread in that overdone- overused bad maxim pose. I am sick of it really. It lacks creativity and innovation.

I have been art nude modeling for about 3 years. Since day 1 I made a choice. I wasn’t going to just throw my pussy out there for the whole world to gawk at. I think I’m better and more creative than that.

I modeling nude for the tease of the game. I want to entice through the tease not through the just here it is factor. That’s like I said before, boring.

I’m sorry if I sound spiteful but I’m just not interested if you can’t make me interested. There are a few billions vaginas out there, if you just put it out there with no creative whatever, I am not going to be interested. I can look past my basic animal instincts and seek out art. Lying on a bed just spread eagle is just not art to me anymore. I don’t care how amazing your lights are and how gorgeous your model is. It’s BORING!

I want you to sell me you! I want to know why… I want you to tell me a story using your body. I want to see personality and sparkle. FUCK this boring I don’t need to try cuz I’m hot bullshit.

You can do suck on something. I’m bored with you. Move on.

I spend a good 6-7 hours a day looking at art. I am allowed to be picky. I have raised my standards because the world seems to have dropped theres.

I want to see more inventive minds going to work to create beautiful nude art.

As for myself, If I can I want to draw people in with my nude art. I want people to see my story and who I am. I want people to be able to sense emotion and see me for who I am.

I work damn hard to create nude work that I am very proud of. I don’t want to just be another sheep that gets looked over and I sure don’t want to bore anyone. I’d be down right insulted if someone said I was bland. I know I’m not so I mean you know you have to evaluate people’s comments but point being I want to be known as creative. I think I’ve succeeded so far and I plan to keep doing so.

I guess the whole point of this rant is to say that I think it’s sad how many “hot girls” just lie on beds spread eagle and demand that the world love them. Whether they be porn stars, strippers or the girl next door I don’t care, you need to sell me. 99% of most photos that I see on that line or in that genre bore me. I am not interested in that shit anymore. I think the art community deserves a higher standard.

K end rant.


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Subspace- my personal journey

I replied to a group post here when asked to describe personal subspace (this is just a short explanation)

“Subspace for me is ultimate peace. it’s a beautiful place where I bask in ultimate submission. I lose all restraints and worries and just fall into complete trust with my top. Subspace is one of the best highs. I vary in how far or how shallow I hit subspace depending on different activities. Hard whipping and flogging sessions- they floor me pretty good, shocking my body and just destroying me. it’s beautiful, usually very deep subspaces. Rope: Suspensions if they are intense will throw me into shock and subspace. Rope when I reach a level of unbearable pain I tend to how I would describe it- crawl inside myself. I invert myself. I take all my emotions and just wrap them around me and drift away. I’ve had a few suspensions where i’ve fallen so far into subspace I’ve lost all feeling of my entire body. I’ve been in full rope suspension and unable to even feel the ropes on me. During the tie this was amazing, it scared me at first because I didn’t expect that but it was also bad when we pulled me out. It was like I had hit a brick wall the intensity of all the emotion of physical sensation coming back. The pain rushed back into my body and I felt destroyed. I hit shock very very badly after that tie. Subspace can be amazing during the moment and sometimes has bad after effects but thats more sub drop than subspace. Subspace is best when you are in a calm state of mind or at least I find. It can be during incredibly pain but it’s still this strange calm. Acceptance if you will. subspace comes frequently for me in ropes mostly I find because I feel so at home in rope. I feel like it’s where I should be. my body recognizes that now and I just key into my own little headspace when rope is being done and I just “click”. It’s amazing. One of the most amazing things is just taking a deep breath and embracing subspace. Embracing that complete trust and vulnerability. I think it’s one of the most intense connections and most amazing gifts a top and a bottom can share.”

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