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another collaboration with Sou.L

Check them out 🙂


Model: Danailya Reese

Makeup: Olivia Morley

Latex: Deetz by Visha Loo

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Why I do rope bondage- rough snippet

For me I am into rope and bondage for many reasons:

artistic aspect:
Rope bondage is beautiful. It’s kinda like no other art to me. It’s a combination of strength, pain, and erotic torture. It’s fascinating as an art because there are so many things that can be done with it. There are so many different kinds of ties, positions and other such things that go into it. You have ground ties, partials and full suspensions, all of which do very different things for me personally. I love the diversity and the creativity I see in the rope community. I love seeing people’s passions and love for each other come out in rope photos and scenes. I love seeing the trust and vulnerability of the bottoms, bunnies etc. I love seeing the raw dominance of the art as well. It’s just beautiful.

I am a huge exhibitionist personally and I absolutely get off on doing rope for others- be it in pictures of at events etc. I thrive on knowing I am the center of attention. But that being said, when I am sceneing with Stiix, even in a huge crowded room once we start a scene I lose that consciousness of people around me. We play so hard and so intensely that both of lose touch with the world around us. In our scenes he is my entire world, he has complete control and has this power over me that is just astounding. He and I work so fluidly together. I love hearing once I’ve come down, that people watched and enjoyed our scenes, it fills me with pride. I also love being able to make Stiix look good by being the best bunny I can be so everyone can see what he/we can do.

the loss of control:
“Surrender” in it’s purest form. That’s what I find in rope. Being bound and helpless, at my most vulnerable, that’s a huge appeal to me. It took me a long time to come to a place where I am comfortable with vulnerability. I am largely independant person and I think it’s translated alot in the past to how I play. I didn’t realize that you can be independant and still totally surrender to someone else.
In bondage, Stiix is my top, my lover, my friend, my soulmate. He’s my entire world and that is only amplified when we are tying. I get so lost in my own space when we scene that I look to him as a guiding light and a place to hide and find comfort. He brings out my strengths and my weakness- but never in a bad way. He helps me push my limits and see what I can do. We have gone so much farther than Id ever thought and I know thats partly because I am willing to give myself up to him and trust him to take me/us to new heights.
Our connection with rope and each other floors me every day. I am very lucky.

I am a submissive. I do rope with Stiix- who is my top. My daddy, my everything. We are in a dynamic most people know of as “daddy/babygirl”. This connection and relationship to me is very special especially when it comes to our bondage play. I see myself as daddy’s babygirl. This title usually comes with feelings of pride when I make him happy, I like making him smile and feel pride and fulfillment. When we do rope I always want to make him look good, I want him to get the most he can out of our scene and I just want to do my best for him.

The natural adrenaline high:
I guess I can say one of the best “highs” Ive ever gotten has been from rope bondage. Usually from full suspensions, where I literally “fly” away. I do other activities like hook suspensions where I get similar “highs”. I can’t believe how pure and natural and amazing it feels to just let go of everything and succumb to the power of endorphins and how amazing it is to just sink into beautiful subspace.
I never knew there was such a good happy place to get to before we started playing hard and getting into things like hard rope bondage and such.
being in subspace from rope is incomparable. It’s just beyond words amazing. It’s a feeling I seek out and cherish every day.

I don’t do bondage for comfort, I do it for pain. I do it for the sensation of hurt and vulnerability and being destroyed. Its hard to explain but my vulnerability and pain is strength to me. I enjoy being hurt, plain and simple. I don’t like all types of pain, I have my kinks. Rope bondage is at the top of the list. It’s its own unique type of pain. it’s steady, intense and full body. I can feel everything in all parts of my body. I get connected to the rope and Stiix and absorb everything during a scene.
I love being made to cry in rope, I love feeling destroyed and demolished. I love feeling helpless and weak. I also love that those two words “helpless” and “weak” are not negative when it comes to rope and my subspace.

I just enjoy it in all aspects.I love pushing myself and growing. It’s just an art and experience like no other. I am very fortunate to have found it.

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