Lover, Fighter, hook suspender, bondage bunny, writer, blogger, fetishist, model, alt culture enthusiast, mommy, daughter, sister, lover.
Portfolio Websites:
About my rope Suspension Work:
The model:
 I am an experienced versatile model interested in pretty much every genre. I shoot nudes as well as clothed. I am an art model not a porn star, so fuck off with the requests for video. ^_^ I have been shooting for 4 years. I have shot with over 50 photographers and about the same hair and makeup stylists. In 2012 I am looking to do more vintage glamour, more artistic nude bodyscaping, fetish, alternative, outdoor glamour, bridal and boudoir. I come with a long list of references and can travel to Calgary and Vancouver.
The writer:
I am a semi professional blogger/novelist/word spewer extrordinaire. What do I write? I write short snippets about my journey through BDSM, I write about feelings (Pain, sadness, love, etc). I write about parenting, I write editorial journalistic peices. I write poems and short stories, I write character bios and ideas for amazing fantasy worlds. I dunno I just write what I’m feeling.
I wanna use this blog to post random writings, recommend my favorite authors and post some amazing quotes. If you happen to like what you read, follow me and I’ll follow you back! 😀

3 responses to “About

  1. yp2m

    I’m following you now. Keep up the good blogs.

  2. fivereflections

    nice to meet you
    love those suspenders…
    David in Maine USA

  3. nativesunphotography

    Cool site. I like it.

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