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Woo, I’m back with a rant ;P

*caution mini rant alert* >> I just wanna say that I think I feel very sorry for people who are ignorant to stereotyping and how much there is in North America’s culture. Sitting in my sex and gender class in Anthropology watching people’s absolutely shell shocked expressions when my professor talks about the slave trade that is active in alberta, or the fact that there are over 5 types of “sexes” and that there is so much racism in just alberta alone it hurts… it’s amusing being openly unafraid to declare myself an educated and aware freak and understand all these things and not really being taken back at all. I feel really sorry that we have so many blissfully ignorant people that are are completely unaware of the twisted, disgusting excuse for a culture we have. I find it alarming how uneducated my own generation is to the way the world is spirally into a hell whole and no one is really doing anything about it.

(I copied the rest of this from my facebook status :))

  • Samudaya Nirodha You’ll have to excuse me but my brain always cramps in the worst and best ways after classes. It’s horrifying how unaware people are. We live in a fucked up culture that is so bias and gender stereotypical its not even funny. And it’s not just gender stereotypes, we stereotype based on race, age, and orientation and a large portion of the population purposely exclude people who are different and judge harshly those who allow themselves to identify as different and who are comfortable enough with themselves to be who they want to be and dress how they want and date or fuck whoever they want.
  • Samudaya Nirodha I am ashamed of my own culture, I want to thank all my alternative “freak” friends who help out by being whot he fuck they want to be, ignoring words like “freak., weirdo, fuckedup backwards savages etc” I love the empowerment the alternative and fetish scenes have been experiencing, even if it’s still small it will grow.
  • Samudaya Nirodha I’ve been called every name under the sun and will for along ass time. I am aware a small portion of the population is ready to understand that the upcoming gnerations are all fucking freaks and we are not gonna accept harsh stereotypes that restrict us from doing what we want, expressing ourselves how we want, and pursuing friendships and sexual relationships with who we want regardless of orientation, gender and or race!

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